Listed Managed Investment Reports

Forager Australian Shares Fund (ASX: FOR) - Offering Investors Exposure to a Unique Portfolio of Undervalued Australian Shares
Tuesday, January 31, 2017
IIR has a high degree of conviction in the investment team’s ability to consistently generate alpha and superior risk-adjusted returns over the long term, which it has achieved. This is based on a range of factors. The team is experienced, capable, stable and has a at culture where there is a high degree of co-ownership and accountability of investment decisions.
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WAM Capital Limited (WAM) - Re-affirm Rating
Sunday, January 1, 2017
The manager focuses its investments on undervalued growth companies predominantly in the mid and small-cap sectors. WAM also provides exposure to value arbitrages and market mispricing opportunities. WAM aims to deliver investors a stream of fully franked dividends as well as provide capital growth.
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Hunter Hall Global Value Limited (HHV) - Ratings Suspended - Under Review
Wednesday, December 28, 2016
We have suspended our investment rating for HHV and placed the LIC under review following an announcement by the company regarding the pending resignation of Peter Hall as Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of the Manager, Hunter Hall International Limted. HHV is expected to provide further details in regards to possible impacts on the management agreement by 30 December 2016.
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LIC Quarterly Report - Coverage of LICs Continues to Expand - Detailed Review & Research Recommendations
Monday, December 19, 2016
We have added the following five listed managed investments (LMIs) to our coverage since our June 2016 LMI Quarterly Review. We are also undertkaking research on a number of other LMIs including Forager Australian Shares Fund (FOR), Perpetual Investment Company (PIC), QV Equities (QVE) and Chapmans. (CHP). We expect to publish our research on these entities in coming weeks.
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Contango MicroCap Ltd (CTN) - Ratings Suspended - Under Review
Thursday, December 15, 2016
We hold some significant concerns in relation to the addition of a new manager given the potential for differences in style and process to the existing manager. Details of the new manager have not been released so at this stage we cannot assess whether the investment style and process are consistent with CTN’s objectives. Nor can we assess the quality, or performance track record of the new manager.
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